7 Super Cool Ways Lucid Makes Your Google Hangouts Better

Jun 14, 2013 by Elise Keith in meeting technology, release announcement (4 minute read)

Most companies fall into one of two camps: those that use, understand, and embrace the Google way, and those that don’t. If your team uses Gmail and Google Calendar, it’s likely you also use Google Hangouts for your team meetings.

Hangouts has been one of our top-requested integrations, and now it’s here. Starting today, all Lucid Meetings account owners can select to add a Hangout to their Lucid meetings.

How Using Lucid Will Improve Your Hangouts 

When you’re running projects and managing a team, it’s not about just hanging out.

If you already use, like, and want to go on using Google Hangouts, but haven't yet tried Lucid, now's the time.  The Lucid Meetings integration will make your meetings so much better. Why?

1. You can find a time to meet with your group

Can’t see their calendars? Don't want to send 18million email messages back and forth? Use our scheduling poll to find a time to meet!

2. Invite your whole team with a click

Meeting with the same people every time? Click to instantly add all your team members when setting up the invitation.

3. Send detailed invitations and reminders

The Lucid meeting invitation is one of our most popular features. Not only will it make sure people have the meeting on their calendar, it also tells them what it’s all about and how to get ready so they can actively contribute.

4. You can collaborate on the agenda in advance

What will you talk about in that Hangout? What do you need to accomplish? Any reports to review? Collaborate in Lucid in advance and come prepared.

5. Quick-launch the Hangout with the agenda in it

When you launch the Hangout from Lucid, you’ll automatically get a copy of the agenda in the Hangout where you can always see it, greatly increasing your odds of covering those key topics.

6. Capture decisions, action items, and attendance

Next to your Hangout, you’ve got a full Lucid meeting ready for writing notes and action items, so you can actually remember what you decided and hold each other accountable for next steps.

7. Easiest possible follow-up

The most common outcome for most meetings is another meeting. The most common outcome of a Lucid meeting is an instant follow-up email that contains a full record of the meeting and highlights each person’s action items.

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How the Hangouts Integration works

Hangouts now appears with the available video conferencing integrations.

Hangouts joins Skype, conference bridges, and other integrations
Screenshot: Look at all those integrations!

After you add the integration, you’ll see Google Hangout as an audio option when creating a new meeting. The invitations tell everyone about your intent to Hangout.

When you start the Lucid meeting, you’ll see the familiar green button for quick-launching that Hangout.

The start a Hangout button shown when you first join a Lucid meeting
Screenshot: The green 'Start Hangout' button that does exactly what you'd expect.

Once the meeting leader starts the Hangout, everyone in the Lucid Meeting sees a button to join it, and off you go.

On the Hangouts side, you’ll see a link back to the Lucid meeting and the agenda outline. 

Screenshot: The agenda from Lucid appears in your Hangout.


On the flip side

Remember when everything Google did was “Beta”?

When you see a product marked “beta”, you know that maybe that product isn’t fully baked. Maybe the features will change a lot, and maybe the documentation isn’t quite complete.

Can we speak candidly for a moment?

We no longer see the “beta” disclaimer on Google Search or Mail or even Hangouts, but as people who rarely “Hangout”, we sure experienced a whole lotta beta while putting this together.

A few months back, we integrated appear.in video conferencing. In our blog post about that release, you can see our team having a grand time. Building that integration and using it for our team meetings proved fast, simple, and for the most part, reliable.

Integrating Hangouts has been a challenging experience. While we rely on lots of Google software every day, Hangouts isn't something we typically use ourselves.  Consequently, our screenshots didn’t turn out quite so happy.

And there was much grimacing during this Hangout

If you have multiple Google accounts, or if you’ve ever ventured down the rabbit-hole that is the Google developer docs, you know what a long strange trip that can be.

Given all that, we’re taking a page out of Basecamp’s book and just going with it. We trust that those of you who regularly use Google Hangouts know what you’re doing. We hope this integration helps you solve any problems you face with making your Hangouts accessible and productive.

If you haven’t used Hangouts but want to try it with Lucid, please do!

We recommend you also try our integration with appear.in (now whereby.com), or launch a separate conference using Zoom or any of a number of alternatives for comparison.

If you do try it out, let us know what you think. Issues in how the two systems work together? Ways we could make it cooler? We’d love to hear them.

Log in and take it for a spin!

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