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Book Review: Meet Like You Mean It

Apr 14, 2014 by John Keith in leadership & facilitation, book review (1 minute read)

I bought this book because I've been following Wayne Turmel's work on collaboration and virtual meetings for several years.

I was looking for a single reference that provided specific, actionable guidance for leading better VIRTUAL MEETINGS.

This book not only achieves that goal, but exceeded my expectations by going beyond technology and focusing on how to prepare and run great meetings - whether virtual, in-person, or some combination of both.


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Multi Language Meetings!

Aug 12, 2013 by John Keith in release announcement (0 minute read)

According to the Internet World Stats the internet is not an English only medium.

Well of course it's not. While English was the number one language in use, as of 2010, Chinese was close in sheer numbers, and the remainder of the top ten languages totaled more than either English or Chinese.

As part of our "just works" philosophy we thought this was worth our attention.


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Big Lucid Meetings Update on August 12th!

Jul 30, 2013 by John Keith in release announcement (1 minute read)

You meet because your work matters; you want to collaborate with your team to move your work forward. You collaborate during meetings, yes, but also before meetings, after meetings, and at all points in between.

You want to meet using your phone, tablet, or desktop computer because that's what works for you. You want an excellent meeting experience for everyone, including people with visual, auditory, cognitive, or mobility challenges. And you want to meet in your language.


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Your iPad Meeting Application is Here

Jun 20, 2012 by John Keith in meeting technology, release announcement (5 minute read)

"iPad Sales May Reach 66 Million In 2012"

With a headline like that, it's no surprise that we've focused some attention — quite a bit of attention actually — toward making Lucid Meetings work very well on the iPad.

This focus is especially warranted when considering that as many as 71% of iPad users are management level or higher in their organization. Managers need to meet, and the iPad is a natural fit for the task.

Here at Lucid Meetings, we're dedicated to making your online meeting life as easy as possible. Attending a Lucid Meeting is as easy as pointing your web browser in our direction. We do the rest.

And when that web browser happens to live on your iPad, we take special care to deliver an even better experience in the form of an Apple iOS Web Application. Such applications use Web 2.0 technologies to deliver a focused solution that looks and behaves like a built-in iOS application.


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The First Rule of Meet Club: Do we really need to meet?

Jun 15, 2012 by John Keith in leadership & facilitation (1 minute read)

While traipsing through the halls of a local high tech startup, I chanced across this laminated set of rules in the cafeteria.

Why the cafeteria? Because that's a high traffic area and it's important that everyone get the message: meetings cost time and money, so think about what you're doing! The first rule of Meet Club is to ask this question: Do we really need to meet?

Do we really need to meet?

You don't see people asking "Do we really need to write code?" That's because most people understand that there's a reason for writing code, but they don't understand the (valid) reasons for having a meeting. We think this is a bit of a shame and you can see our post about Why We're Focusing on Meetings for more perspective.


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March Roundup!

Apr 2, 2012 by John Keith in release announcement (4 minute read)

We've been super busy during the first quarter of this year and many, many good things have been happening for us and for our customers. Let's take a look at some highlights!

Around the Web with Lucid Meetings

Chris at The Lync Insider reviewed Lucid Meetings and found it to be an interesting conferencing solution - a good alternative to Lync Server whose "online meeting focus has served it well." Thanks, Chris! We do keep a laser focus on the meeting experience, and work hard to make that as smooth and easy as possible.


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Fun With Words

Feb 9, 2012 by John Keith in fun with meetings (1 minute read)

What We Live and Breathe

After completing our recent multi-day planning session, I grabbed all the words we'd written down and slammed them into Wordle.

We are so passionate about who we serve, why we serve them, and what we do - I was curious as to what themes would emerge from our free-form discussion, and whether those themes would match what we've been talking about lately.

We really do think about:

  • how to provide online tools that make it easy for teams to collaborate
  • how project leaders can track progress, document decisions, and move work forward
  • how to create a well received, professional meeting experience for everyone


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