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Lisette Sutherland helps teams work together from anywhere online and runs the "Work Together Anywhere Workshop." The workshop helps teams avoid miscommunications and outline acceptable behaviors for how they want to work together.

Lisette is also working on a book titled "Collaboration Superpowers: Stories of Remote Teams Doing Great Things". Learn more at
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Create a Team Agreement to Avoid Misunderstandings on Your Remote Team

Oct 8, 2015 by Lisette Sutherland in remote work, meeting design (2 minute read)

New Meeting Agenda Template!

Here at Lucid, we're fans of Lisette Sutherland's work with remote teams on, Happy Melly, and her blog at When we saw her post on creating a working agreement for remote teams, we thought it was a great idea that would make for a really useful meeting template.

Happily, Lisette agreed to share her technique with us! Read on for her quick overview, and you'll find links to the template at the end.

On remote teams, there are plenty of opportunities for misunderstandings. We can solve some of the basic miscommunications through the process of creating a team agreement: a basic set of expectations for how you want to work together as a team. It’s also a great way to learn about each others working styles.

The ICC Worfkflow

Phil Montero from The Anywhere Office has created a great process for getting the discussion started. He calls it the “ICC workflow”, which stands for Information, Communication, and Collaboration.


Start by asking your team these questions:

  • Information: What kinds of information do you need to share? Is there a centralized task system? A shared calendar? Do you need access to a database? An intranet?
  • Communication: How will you communicate with each other? Some people might prefer having live discussions in-person, over the phone or via video chats, and others might prefer email or instant messaging. What are your expected response times? Do you need to set core hours?
  • Collaboration: How will you know what tasks are being worked on? How will you give each other feedback?


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