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A renowned expert in the fields of virtual collaboration, global teams, and managing wide-scale organizational change, Nancy Settle-Murphy is author of Leading Effective Virtual Teams and publisher of the free monthly online newsletter, Communique, which provides practical tips to address tough challenges virtual teams constantly face.

Drawing from more than two decades of experience in facilitating the work of global teams, Nancy is an expert source of illuminating content for articles related to virtual teams, global teams, remote collaboration, and managing enterprise-wide change.

Nancy leads fast-paced working sessions designed to tap the best thinking of key contributors working across time zones, locations and cultures, and also runs training programs, delivered both onsite and virtually, to help organizations strengthen their ability to collaborate virtually. Among her recent clients: National Park Service, ISEAL Alliance, IBM, Fresenius Medical Care, Biogen, Novartis, Partners Healthcare, The Housing Partnership Network, National Institute for Children’s Healthcare Quality, and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency.

An active member of the International Association of Facilitators, the Boston Facilitator’s Roundtable and the American Society for Training and Development, Nancy is available as a facilitator, trainer, presenter and consultant.

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Coping with travel restrictions: When meeting face-to-face matters (and what to do when you can’t)

Mar 17, 2017 by Nancy Settle-Murphy in leadership & facilitation, meeting design (14 minute read)

Introducing Nancy Settle-Murphy
It’s my pleasure to welcome renowned virtual collaboration expert
Nancy Settle-Murphy to the blog.

Recently I gave a talk about taking government meetings online, and was asked how to succeed when the meeting was particularly sensitive. I didn’t have time to give the question the answer it deserved, so afterwards, I started looking for better information on this topic. I found Nancy, and knew she had the answer we needed to hear.

Nancy’s been answering this exact question - when you should meet face-to-face, and steps to take when you’re forced to meet online - for many years in her work for companies and organizations of all sizes. I’m thrilled she agreed to revisit her guidelines with us and share them here.

– Elise Keith, Lucid founder

Whenever possible, I recommend in-person meetings.

I know travel can be expensive and time consuming. Sometimes it's worth it.

Successful meetings connect people to the work at hand and to each other. We forge connections more easily with people we can see. While video conferencing gets better all the time, it can’t compete with being there.

Yet despite our best intentions, meeting in person isn’t always possible. Weather, politics, injury, family – everyone has a lot of life to juggle, and meeting travel gets dropped.


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