Railsware is a product design studio that builds software products for itself and other companies. The team has a goal to create solutions that influence the way software products are built, and companies are managed. Railsware combines its front-line experience in product management, engineering, design, and marketing and translates it into powerful tools it then shares with the world.

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The BRIDGeS Rapid Planning Method

May 20, 2022 by Railsware in meeting design, guest post (4 minute read)

Earlier this year, we were contacted by the team at Railsware about a meeting method they'd developed that they call BRIDGeS. We invited them to share their method here  because we think that:

  1. This is a great example of the kind of practices teams can develop when they purposefully design their meetings, and
  2. It's a useful method that more people should try!

Read more and download their helpful guide below.
~Lucid Meetings Team


Topics: meeting design, guest post

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