Big Lucid Meetings Update on August 12th!

Jul 30, 2013 by John Keith in release announcement (1 minute read)

Meeting iconsYou meet because your work matters; you want to collaborate with your team to move your work forward. You collaborate during meetings, yes, but also before meetings, after meetings, and at all points in between.

You want to meet using your phone, tablet, or desktop computer because that's what works for you. You want an excellent meeting experience for everyone, including people with visual, auditory, cognitive, or mobility challenges. And you want to meet in your language.

Welcome to the new Lucid Meetings.

Beginning August 12th you will be able to use Lucid Meetings to:

More easily discover what's happening with your ongoing work.
Lucid Meetings V2 features an all new, simplified look that's designed to grow with your needs. The navigation is clearer and the ways you interact with each feature more consistent. You will experience barrier-free collaboration, where everyone can easily work together despite the incredible challenges that arise with distributed teams. 

Collaborate more effectively between meetings.
Upload documents for you and your team members to review before the next meeting. Review outstanding action items and mark your work items as completed. Work on your upcoming meeting agendas; shorten your meetings by addressing issues and concerns in advance. Publish your meeting agendas and minutes directly to external business systems, such as Atlassian Confluence wikis. 

Collaborate in the way that works best for you.
Schedule your meetings in any time zone, including localized 24-hour time. Set your language preference to one of six languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, or Arabic. Use the built-in accessibility support for improved UI consistency, keyboard accessibility, and a high contrast user interface. 

Meet anytime, anywhere, using any device.
Using an iPhone on a 3G network? No problem. Using a tablet computer on a WiFi hotspot? We've got you covered. Using a desktop computer in the office? Enjoy the full desktop meeting experience, including VoIP audio, screen sharing, and more. 

Enjoy real-time collaboration that meets your needs.
Need to chat privately with another meeting participant? Now you can! Need more space for sharing documents or collaborating on notes? Go ahead and move parts of the meeting around to better suit the discussion. The new Lucid Meetings is easier, faster, and more enjoyable to use. 

If you would like an early peek, or just want to hear more about what's coming, please contact us. The new release will be available August 12. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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