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Feb 9, 2012 by John Keith in fun with meetings (1 minute read)

blog_lgWhat We Live and Breathe

After completing our recent multi-day planning session, I grabbed all the words we'd written down and slammed them into Wordle.

We are so passionate about who we serve, why we serve them, and what we do - I was curious as to what themes would emerge from our free-form discussion, and whether those themes would match what we've been talking about lately.

We really do think about:

  • how to provide online tools that make it easy for teams to collaborate
  • how project leaders can track progress, document decisions, and move work forward
  • how to create a well received, professional meeting experience for everyone

What We Talk About

Elise recently completed a four-part blog series that explored meeting cost vs. meeting value, so it's not surpising that our blog words reflect that thinking. Our blog's Wordle says that we are highly biased toward talking about MEETINGS - no big surprise!

We've recently talked about:

  • the value of a well run meeting
  • the personal cost of poor meetings ("whittled off splinters of soul")
  • calculating meeting cost in all its forms
  • meet, meeting, meetings!

The really great news here is that we have much more to discuss going forward. We've built an incredibly useful meeting service that embodies all the things we think about, and I can't wait to talk more about EVERYTHING.

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