How to Minimize Business Meeting Costs and Maximize Value

Feb 17, 2015 by Tricia Harris in leadership & facilitation (1 minute read)


We know meetings are costly, but so what? So are airplanes and vacations, and we love those.

Expense is not the problem; waste is the problem.

Did you know that when your meetings are of high quality, your employees are happier, more productive, and they directly contribute more to your company's bottom line?

In this ebook we’ll explore how to calculate business meeting costs -- as well as the return-on-investment (ROI) that we get from meetings.

We'll start by getting a sense of employee salary cost, calculate burdened cost, and then go into travel, facilities and software expenses.

We'll then explain why employee time is a vastly larger expense than all of the above, and how to spend that time wisely.

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In today’s world, we strive to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity with finite resources.

This book explores the impact of meetings on your company’s capacity to achieve, and provides tips to help you evaluate and improve those meetings.

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