Improve Meeting and Business Process Efficiencies with "Meet Now"

Jan 21, 2015 by John Keith in release announcement (1 minute read)

Quality Matters, But "Easy" Triumphs


We talk a lot about how to do online virtual meetings well. If you've read our blog, you know our perspective:

  • Prepare an agenda in advance
  • Send the agenda and meeting materials to attendees
  • Think about who you're inviting and the purpose
  • Record the important stuff
  • Send a followup

I know what you're thinking - but I don't always want to do that much work. Can't successful meetings just be easy?

Yes - you can use the "Meet Now" feature and be on your way!

Meeting Technology

For online business meetings, you're going to need some technology - people struggle to assemble all the pieces:

  • Conference calling bridge for "dialing in"
  • Software to present Powerpoint slides
  • Screen sharing 
  • Meeting invitations
  • A place to record the important meeting activities and results
  • Collaboration or meeting minutes for following up after the meeting

With Lucid, we provide you with a secure place with ALL the technology you need, right in your web browser.

Meeting Process

"Meet now" does everything for you in a single step, improving the efficiency of your meeting and business processes:

  • Sets a meeting topic for discussion
  • Creates a simple agenda 
  • Sends a meeting link with agenda to your team members
  • Sends a meeting link with agenda to any invited guests
  • Launches your online meeting instantly

In a few seconds, with no fuss, you're doing the right thing with the all the technology handled.

Try a sample meeting today.

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