March Roundup!

Apr 2, 2012 by John Keith in release announcement (4 minute read)

We've been super busy during the first quarter of this year and many, many good things have been happening for us and for our customers. Let's take a look at some highlights!

Around the Web with Lucid Meetings

Chris at The Lync Insider reviewed Lucid Meetings and found it to be an interesting conferencing solution - a good alternative to Lync Server whose "online meeting focus has served it well." Thanks, Chris! We do keep a laser focus on the meeting experience, and work hard to make that as smooth and easy as possible.

Over at One Degree, Peter Mosley writes about his Lucid Meetings tour: "I have played around with it and tested it - simply, it works!" and "If you are like me and you have need to meet with folks scattered all over the world, this is a great solution. I personally found the interface very intuitive, nicely laid out, very clean and worked like a charm."

For a thorough review of Lucid Meetings, checkout this blog post by Adeline over at It's a great review, and closes with this thought - "If you are into project management, running a small business, or are an entrepreneur, Lucid Meetings is an ideal web meeting tool that will help you meet your web conferencing and collaboration solutions under one roof. It combines simplicity and ease of use and will be worth trying out considering you can test it for free for 30 whole days." Thanks, Adeline! And for everyone else, take advantage of our 30 day free trial andthe special 10% discount coupon code!

There are a lot more posts out there and we're getting some great feedback. For the full story, take a look at our news page for links to all recent press releases, blogger reviews, and release announcements.

Meetings in the Cloud Webinar

In late March, we conducted a webinar, Committee Meetings in the Cloud, in conjunction with Mary McRae, Vice President of Technical Support for Virtual, Inc.. In this webinar, we talked about multiple timezone issues, meeting preparedness, challenges of virtual meetings, governance and etiquette issues, and meeting technology. By all accounts, the webinar was well received by those who attended. If you would like to download the webinar slides, head over to the webinar page and grab them!

As part of the webinar we included a live demonstration of Lucid Meetings for the attendees. If you missed that opportunity, or would simply like more information, please feel free to contact us to schedule a 30 minute consultation.

Recent Product Updates

Following on last year's torrid development pace, the team really pushed hard on the Lucid Meetings product. We've added features, removed user interface complexity, and incorporated new technologies in a way that improve and streamline your meetings.

Glance Screen SharingWe Integrated Glance Networks Screen Sharing
Glance's latest edition, now available directly within Lucid Meetings, enables participants to view a presenter's screen using their computer, iPad, smart phone or other device. Glance provides one of the fastest, most reliable, and easiest to use screen sharing tools available, with over 10 years experience and fine-tuning to ensure rock-solid performance. Learn more about Glance at:
We Embraced a Wider Universe
Got IE7? No problem. Sporting an iPad? Go for it. We believe your meetings should be about getting work done, not about futzing with software. We've heard that many of you meet with people from the far edges of the technology landscape: folks stuck on outdated browsers (through no fault of their own, I'm sure) and people too cool for a laptop. We're committed to making sure Lucid Meetings JUST WORKS - and towards that end, we've extended the range of browsers and devices that we officially support to now include technologies ranging from the crufty IE7 to specialized displays for the iPad (more on this in another post!). Unofficially, the list of browsers and devices we test with is even longer.
We Automated Attendance Tracking for Callers
Those of you using our conference call numbers will now see a 3-digit User ID when you dial in. When you enter this ID, your call is automatically linked to your attendee record, making it easy for facilitators to see who's talking, mute specific attendees, and have people who dial-in show up in the list of people attending the meeting.
We Simplified and Streamlined the User Experience
We're always looking for ways to make it faster and easier to move through a meeting, and we realized that going through a "Call To Order" step first was just awkward for most folks. Now when you start your next meeting, the first agenda item will show up immediately, and what used to be called "Recess" is now "Take a Break". Those are the obvious things, but look closely and you'll notice we've also tweaked small things here and there to make your experience more delightful!
We Added Just the Right Features

Our roadmap is full of great ideas - here are few we've added lately.

* Full record search at your fingertips - before, during, and after meetings
* Meeting transcript filters so you can find those important decisions quickly
* Agenda scheduling helper to ensure you have enough time to cover your topics
* Screen sharing remote access to enable joint document editing (and more)
* Speaker queue so participants can "request the floor" during a meeting

Stay Tuned!

We have a lot of great new features rolling out over the next several months, so stay tuned! And keep that feedback coming - we truly appreciate your ideas and the suggestions that have made Lucid Meetings a better meeting service for everyone.


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