Whoa! Calendar, Dashboard and Calendar Subscriptions for Lucid Meetings

Aug 26, 2014 by Elise Keith in release announcement (3 minute read)

The latest Lucid Meetings update includes the new calendar and a completely redesigned dashboard described below, plus many subtle loving touches we'll leave for you to discover on your own.

A calendar for your meetings and meetings on your calendar

Next time you login, you'll find a new link to your meeting calendar, showing all your meetings in one place.

Screenshot of the new month view calendar The new month view calendar, with Week, and List toggles, 
and quick links to change your time zone or subscribe below.


And below the calendar, you'll find a Subscribe button, making it easy to add the Lucid Meetings calendar to Outlook, Google Calendar, and more.

Lucid Meetings subscription as it appears in Apple Calendar Lucid Meetings appear automatically on subscribed calendars. 

Early Customer Reactions

We heard praise and a good question when we first shared the new calendar with a long-time Lucid Meetings client. The conversation went something like this:

Wow, the new calendar looks great. But what I really want is to have the events in Outlook. pause

Oh - hey, look at that - I can subscribe using Outlook! another pause

But wait, why would I want that?

— a valued Lucid Meetings client

A good question! Let us share with you...

3 reasons to Love (❤) Lucid Meetings calendar subscriptions

  1. Every meeting gets onto your calendar
        Lose the invitation? Or did maybe the organizer forget to send them out? No worries - your meetings are on the calendar regardless of what happens with the invitation.
  2. You can share your calendar with others
        Do you coordinate often with other people? Or perhaps even have someone else who manages your schedule for you? You can share your calendar subscription link with them to give them visibility into your meeting schedule.
  3. You can hide your meetings
        Need to see your lunch dates, but your calendar is too stuffed with Lucid meetings? Temporarily hide your Lucid calendar to get a better view of how else you might be spending your time.

Tip for US-based meeting schedulers

Don't know your GMT offset from your elbow?

Don't worry - you're not alone! Most US educated folks think in miles not kilometers, Fahrenheit not centigrade, and Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern rather than GMT.

With this update, you can now schedule your meetings and set your preferred time zone to Pacific, Mountain, Central, or Eastern, helping you and those invited to your meeting understand exactly when you want to talk.

Meeting time zone set to US/Pacific when asking people for available meeting times US named time zones join UTC and the full international time zone options. 

New Dashboard shows what you need to do this week

Ever have that niggling feeling that you left the stove on, or perhaps some action items open?

When it comes to those action items, we have good news.

Now when you first log in to Lucid Meetings, you'll see a focused dashboard showing all your meeting-related work for the coming week.

On the new dashboard, you'll find:

  • Today's meetings
  • Calendar for this week
  • Quick profiles for people you're meeting
  • Outstanding to-do items, including meetings for which you need to prepare, follow-up tasks, and any action items due (or overdue!)
Screenshot of the new Lucid Meetungs dashboard My dashboard this week. No meetings Thursday and Friday - I'm off kayaking!

Early Customer Reactions

The dashboard looks great! Super helpful to click off the overdue action items. inevitable pause

Except those avatars suck. People should add better pictures.

— yet another valued, blunt Lucid Meetings client

There you have it. Log in, check it out, and for goodness sake, upload an awesome profile picture!  

And should you have praise or brutal honesty to send our way, we'd love to hear it! Leave a comment below, connect on Twitter, or send us an email any time.


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