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Oct 23, 2014 by Elise Keith in release announcement (4 minute read)

We LOVE ♥ ♥ a well planned meeting. And who doesn’t? Knowing why and with whom you’re meeting makes it so much easier to have a successful call.

But we all know that it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes things just come up. Sometimes we just need a super fast, easy way to meet - without having to think too hard about where to find a number or whether you’ll need to show a document or share your desktop.

So, starting now, you can create a custom public link for every meeting room associated with a paid subscription. You can then use the link to quickly start a meeting and get people connected; no prep, no invites, no guesswork required.

Screenshot: 1 click to start a new meeting from my personal meeting page

Screenshot: Big, easy button to start a meeting on my branded public meeting page.

Why You Want a Your Own Meeting Room Link

1. These links never change.
You can post a public meeting room link in your team’s chat room, on a committee wiki, or send it out by email and it will always work. And when you create the link, you'll make it one that’s easy to remember and easy to share with people on the phone or jot down on the back of a business card.

2. You can send this link to anyone.
Not sure who all will show up to your meeting? Send this link out and let people forward it to anyone they want to include.

3. Public meeting room pages show your branding.
Your picture or logo at the top of the page, your meeting room name, and a personalized message created by the facilitator let everyone know they’re in the right place.

Screenshot of the Lucid Dev teams public room

Screenshot: Our dev team's meeting room page with our logo and a button to join a meeting in progress.

6 ways to use your custom links

1. Paste the link into chat to get everyone quickly connected in a new meeting. Then you start a “meet now” which everyone else can join.

2. Include the link in recurring meeting invitations sent using Outlook or another calendar program. When people click the link, they’ll see that day’s meeting.

3. Post the link on committee agendas or other public meeting notices. No need to change the link for every meeting.

4. Send the link to anyone who will be forwarding it to other people. Anyone that gets the link will be able to request access to the meeting.

5. Share the link with someone who joined the conference call, but lost their meeting link. Speak out your custom link, which is free of the codes and numbers that make other links difficult for your befuddled caller to type.

6. Use the link to send out a scheduling request. People can register to join your meeting and select the times that work best for them. 

Screenshot showing a public scheduling request and form for public users to register for  the meeting.

Screenshot: When should the secret society meet to define the group charter?

What You Need to Know About Public Meeting Room Links

Public links are turned off until you decide otherwise.

You choose to turn on a custom link for each room that you feel could benefit. For rooms with meetings that are always planned ahead and strictly invite only, you can keep the link turned off.

You decide what your public meeting room links will be.

All links look basically like this:

Enter your name, a project name, or anything you find easy to remember when setting up your custom link.

NOTE: custom links are available on a first-come, first-served basis, similar to email addresses. If you want a specific URL, claim it now!

These pages provide a quick way to start and join meetings in that meeting room.

The public page shows your room logo, welcome message, and any meetings marked as publicly visible. Depending on who you are, the page smartly shows you what you can do. For example:

  • Meeting facilitators can start a “Meet Now” meeting, or click to start a scheduled meeting.
  • Team members can join a meeting in progress.
  • Anonymous folks - anyone who isn’t already logged in - can see the title of a meeting in progress and request to join. If the facilitator approves the request, they’re added right to the meeting.

NOTE: Public does not mean free-for-all.
Lucid Meetings will NEVER allow unidentified people (read: hackers, spammers, malcontents) access to your meetings. The public page includes technologies to prevent automated meeting requests from evil robots, and requires moderation by the facilitator for any request coming from someone you haven’t specifically invited.

Custom links work for scheduled meetings, meeting scheduling requests, and ad-hoc instant meetings.

  • Scheduled meetings appear on the public page starting 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and while they’re in progress.
  • Meeting scheduling requests, where you’re trying to find a good time to meet, appear as long as they’re open.
  • Ad-hoc meetings appear as soon as the facilitator starts them.

And for every meeting, the facilitator can choose to hide it from that public page if needed.

Public links are only available with paid subscriptions.

Too abstract? Here’s a helpful video

Customized public meeting room links are simple to use and incredibly powerful, but as the long description implies, complicated underneath. To help make this all a bit clearer, we put together a quick video showing public pages in action.

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