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Nov 19, 2014 by Elise Keith in release announcement (3 minute read)

Did you see the article about Mark Zuckerberg’s infamously static wardrobe? Or the infographic outlining the daily routines of some of the western world's most celebrated creative geniuses?

Both pieces explore how highly successful people create systems that reduce the number of decisions they need to make each day, freeing their time and their minds for more important endeavors.

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them - Alfred North Whitehead

Running a good meeting - a really worthwhile meeting that makes good use of everyone’s time - requires making A LOT of  decisions.

Decisions like:

  • Why is a meeting necessary?
  • How do you state the meeting purpose so everyone will understand it?
  • What should the end result look like specifically?
  • How can you create an agenda that achieves that result?
  • Who should attend?
  • What kind of preparation do people need to do before they show up?

Answering these questions requires more focus, creativity, and time than simply finding an open slot on the calendar. Inevitably we find ourselves trying to complete the tactical steps, like scheduling, at the same time that we’re supposed to design a compelling agenda. Which often means the hard stuff gets skipped and we endure yet another unsatisfying meeting.

Introducing Meeting Templates

Let’s see if we can’t reduce some of that cognitive load.

Only you know why your team meets, but this doesn’t mean you have to make ALL those decisions for each and every meeting independently. Most work meetings follow common patterns, and while the specific meeting techniques you use will be special to your group, the overall pattern from meeting to meeting probably doesn’t change all that much.

Starting now, you can set up re-usable meeting templates in Lucid Meetings that capture your best strategic thinking when you have time to focus on getting the process right. Then, you’ll select the template you want when scheduling a new meeting. The template fills in all the details, so you only need to update anything special for that particular meeting.

How Meeting Templates Work

Meeting templates work by storing all the key information you need to quickly spin up a complete, engaging, and well-organized meeting.

More than a simple agenda outline, meeting templates let you pre-define:

  • The meeting name and duration
    When you schedule a new meeting, simply pick a start time and the rest gets set automatically.
  • A complete meeting agenda, including documents and smart lists
    You can save a template that includes your sales deck, standard contracts, and any other documents you regularly need.
  • Known attendees (aka, the usual suspects)
    Select people who will automatically get invitations. We use this for our regular team check-in meeting templates, where we always know who we’ll invite to each meeting.
  • Any special settings
    Need a speaker queue for this meeting? Want to allow everyone to edit the agenda for this meeting, but not for any others? Templates let you control the online meeting features used for this meeting.
  • Complete instructions for meeting leaders and participants
    Teach others how to run the meeting by adding a description of when and how to use the template and a guide for facilitators. To ensure an even more successful meeting, include preparation instructions for participants, telling them exactly what to do before the meeting starts.
Screenshot of a meeting template showing info about the template that helps facilitators lead the meeting

Screenshot: Our template for giving quick Lucid Meetings tutorials.

Anyone who can schedule meetings can see the templates saved in a meeting room and create a new meeting template to use there. For more screenshots and information about how to learn more about how to create and use meeting templates, check out our guide to meeting templates in the docs.

We’ve only just begun

Meeting templates have been on our list for a long time, and we’re beyond thrilled to have this first version released.

We’ll be putting a lot of focus into extending this part of the system going forward, and eagerly look forward to working with the Lucid community to make this framework a powerful resource for working teams.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll share examples of how people are putting templates to use.

To help you get started using meeting templates, we're offering a 30-minute consultation with one of our experts. We'll set up your first template, or send us an existing meeting agenda and we'll convert it to a template for you. 

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