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Apr 2, 2015 by Elise Keith in release announcement (2 minute read)

Sometimes in a new software release, we’ll change a few things here and there. It’s like when you spruce up the kitchen with some new hand towels and a vase of fresh flowers. Other times, though, the change is more dramatic: out go the nappy old formica counters and that back wall, and you’ve got a full fledged gourmet kitchen remodel on your hands.

The latest Lucid release is like that remodel. New look, new features, much easier to move around, and so much more enjoyable to work in!

Here’s what you’ll find in this release.

Introducing the Lucid Template Gallery

It’s a lot of work to figure out the best way to run a meeting. Most of the advice you’ll find online is full of generic commands (“Keep it short! Send out an agenda! Stand up!”) that may or may not be appropriate for your situation, and that leave all the hard work to you – like, What do you put in the agenda? In what order? And then what?

Once you move beyond these basics, you’re left to just figure it out, which is why so many people in so many companies never bother. It’s hard work to plan a productive meeting when you’re starting from scratch.

That’s why we created the Lucid Template Gallery.

Screenshot showing Lucid template gallery

Screenshot: Browsing meeting templates in the new Template Gallery

Meeting templates give you everything you need to run a productive meeting out of the box. Built based on techniques used by successful teams and meeting experts across the world, each template includes a complete agenda, invitations, online meeting setup, and detailed instructions that make it easy for you to run the meeting with confidence.

Today’s gallery features a handful of templates for online status meetings. Each one is designed for a specific kind of group; there’s a template for remote teams, one for management meetings, and even an Agile stand up.

We’re adding more templates all the time, so expect to hear a lot more on the blog about templates.

The Remodel: Simpler interface, faster editing

If you’ve never used Lucid Meetings, you can skip this part. The short version is this: it’s awesome better.

For those of you who’ve tried Lucid in the past but found it too clunky, now’s the time to take another look.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Simpler navigation
  • Click-to-edit agendas and meeting notes (SOOO much nicer and so much faster!)
  • Fewer buttons all over the place
  • A softer, gentler, kinder color scheme
  • and lots more…

Here, we’ll just show you.

Oh, and there’s the new Professional subscription level too

Calling all you freelancers, independents, and lone rangers!

We know you’re listening, because we’ve heard from you how much you like to use Lucid with your clients, and how you want the integrated audio and screen sharing not available in the free version. But paying for a team of five or more when you’re a team of one just didn’t feel right.

Rejoice, because now we have the subscription for you! $15/month and you can run all the client meetings you’ll ever need without breaking the bank. Heck, I’ve had sandwiches that cost more than that!

Visit the Pricing page to learn more about a Professional subscription and start your free trial.

Get Started for Free

Please take some time to get to know the remodeled Lucid. We’re very proud of it and we hope you love it as much as we do.

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