Sign in to Lucid with your Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn account

May 19, 2015 by Elise Keith in release announcement (1 minute read)

Like many small companies, we use Google to host our email, we share updates on Twitter, and connect with fine folks like you on LinkedIn. To make it easier for us and all the bazillions of professionals like us, we’ve added social sign in and sign up to Lucid Meetings.

How it Works

New to Lucid?

Click on the Google/Twitter/LinkedIn icon to use your existing profile information when creating your Lucid account.

Screenshot: use your Google, Twitter or LinkedIn account to sign up
Sign up with your existing social profile

Existing Lucid-ite?

You can connect your social login(s) to your Lucid account and speed up your sign in.

Screenshot: use your Google, Twitter or LinkedIn account to sign in
Sign in with your existing social profile. So zippy!

You’ll find the link to manage your social login providers by clicking the Account link at the top of the page, then clicking Change Password. The link appears at the bottom of this page.

Tip: you can also use the Manage Social Login Providers page to detach a login you no longer want associated with your Lucidness.

Hate Google/Twitter/LinkedIn?

Goodness, those are strong feelings! Please completely ignore those sign in icons and stick with your existing username and password. You are free to choose!

Social Login and Lucid Enterprise

If you have a Lucid Enterprise installation, never fear! You have complete control over what kind of sign in you allow, so if you don’t like the idea of people signing in to your executive meetings with their Twitter accounts, you can keep this feature turned off. Alternatively, if you work with lots of external community members and really want to offer them a way to join meetings using their Facebook accounts, let us know! We can make that happen.

Surely that's not all?

Actually, today, social login is all the news that's fit to blog. You'll also find many small refinements and improvements throughout the system. Feedback, questions, or requests? Send us an email at, or catch us on Twitter.


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