Lucid Meetings Team Photoshoot

Jun 3, 2015 by Tricia Harris in behind the scenes (2 minute read)

In our weekly marketing meeting, we review web site traffic and analytics just like any other good SaaS company does. Much to our surprise, we observed over time that people (just like you) regularly visit our "About Us" page.

After taking a look at what we had posted there, we realized that we hadn’t put much thought into telling the story of who we are. And since we’re the type of people who like to show instead of tell, we decided to give people a visual look into our personalities.

Enter the Lucid Meetings team photoshoot.

Not only did we think a photoshoot would show our customers a little more about us, but we also learned a little about ourselves in the process.

No Boring Stock Photos, Please

Because images can be hard to find for the concepts we write about on our blog, we decided to use this opportunity to create and capture our own stock photos.

Simple enough; let's create an image that shows the idea of “trust.”

We immediately thought “Of course! Trust fall!” Almost as quickly realizing a ‘trust fall’ could just as easily turn into a “trust fail."

Does this say "trust" to you?

Another idea we wanted to capture was “gratitude.” So, the team gathered around to give our best hurrah, yet Chris was clearly perplexed as to why we were all so happy for him.

Chris wins the award, dubious as to its purpose.

So we thought ok, brainstorming and task management is a no brainer - all you need are a wall and some sticky notes. That is until things get ugly and the notes start flying!

Getting Things Done is great in theory, just watch out for paper cuts.

Small Yet Mighty, Focused Yet Silly

Some concepts turned out great, some came together on the fly, and some turned out really funny. Isn’t that the way most business initiatives ultimately take shape?

In the end we learned that we are a small but mighty team - we’re focused when we need to be, silly when we can be, and generally laugh at ourselves while having a good time getting things done.

Having met our goals for the photoshoot, in good management style it was time for reward and recognition. Perhaps a nearby brewery destination for beer pretzels and stout brownie sundaes? He/she who catches the most air gets winner’s choice.

As expected, our CEO John closed the shoot with the winning jump.



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