Learn How AH Global Holds Tighter, More Organized and Shorter Meetings

Sep 28, 2012 by Chris Gift in case studies (2 minute read)

AH Global is a successful social media management firm offering services with a globally distributed team.

And I do mean global: they speak 9 languages and live in 14 time zones.

While business is good and the company is humming along, in the past their meetings were not as productive as they wanted.

They tried video conferencing, screen sharing, and other common approaches, and none of them effectively bridged the time zone and language barriers. They needed something different, a new approach to meetings.

Here's what Mark Harrison, CEO of AH Global, had to say.


AH Global is a successful social media management firm offering services such as Digital PR, Online Grassroots & New Media Marketing, Business Intelligence, Search Engine Services and Online Reputation Clean-Up.

The company is highly diverse, made up of people stretching across 14 time zones and living in nine countries on four continents. With such a distributed team working in a fast paced environment, we rely heavily on online meetings to collaborate and get work done. However, even though online meetings were central to our operations, the quality was not matching expectations: discussions were digressing, meetings were running long, meeting notes were inadequate and information was being lost. The traditional screen sharing tools we were using were not meeting our needs.

“We wanted a means of organizing our meeting-to- meeting activity because we realized that effective meetings were key to keeping projects on schedule.”

We tried various solutions to try and solve the problem, including Google Docs. We also tested video but quickly found that due to the time zone differences (meetings at 3 AM for some employees) people were unprepared, or unwilling, to jump on a video call after having just gotten out of bed.


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