How We Work Remotely - Our Best Gear and Productivity Hacks

Feb 12, 2014 by Tricia Harris in remote work, tips & techniques (5 minute read)

Most of our blog posts center around how to best work together as a team. We thought we’d change gears a little and talk about how we work remotely and what boosts our productivity as individuals.

Occasionally we meet in the same place, but for the most part, our team works from everywhere, literally. One of our team members spent last summer working from the south of France. And why not? We make meeting software that supports this, so working remotely we’re able to test out how it works every day.

Even though we are a virtual work team, we get a lot done. Sometimes it's even a bit crazy how far and fast we move - inspiring our friend Chris to put together this sketch based on what it's like to work on our team using Lucid. And yes, Tony is a real guy who really is on a plane.

Items we *all* can’t live without


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6 Ways to Make Sure People Are Listening in Your Virtual Meetings

Feb 3, 2014 by Tricia Harris in leadership & facilitation, remote work (2 minute read)

Did you know the average manager spends 30% of their time in meetings? And, research shows that 46% of meetings result in no action.

But what if you could save time and get more done? What if you and your coworkers could actually say, "that was a great meeting?"

When you have an in-person meeting, you can tell when people are engaged. However, when you have virtual meetings with a team it's more difficult - and keeping people's attention is critical.

Yet, I'll bet most of the people attending your meetings are not paying attention. This is one of the reasons (out of many) that projects aren’t getting finished, meetings go long, and you have to have more of them to accomplish your goals.

Bottom line: When you get people to pay attention, you get more done - faster!

But how, you say? Below are a few easy rules to make it happen:


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