We Meet 5x More Than 40 Years Ago, and We Get Better Results [Infographic]

Jan 25, 2016 by Tricia Harris in meeting design (1 minute read)

numbercostmeetings.pngMeetings in the modern workplace are about as common as visits to the coffee machine, and we all want them to be as effective as possible.

Our recent research shows that over the last 40 years, the number of meetings we're having per day has increased by 5 times - from 11 million to 55 million. Yes, every day!

Sure we're meeting more, but the best part is that we're getting better at it. The most quoted statistics say that up to 50% of meetings are a waste of time, but we've found reseach that suggests 84% of survey respondents rated face-to-face meetings as very effective or somewhat effective.

We decided to create a graphical representation (below) of the numbers, and ask for your input on the data. Tell us:

  • Are these numbers correct?
  • Are your meetings working? 
  • Why or why not? 

Take this anonymous, 5 minute survey and let us know your experience.

 Take the Survey 

Now for the infographic:numbercostmeetings.png


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