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Feb 6, 2013 by Elise Keith in release announcement (2 minute read)

pewIn our latest release, we expanded the kinds of documents you can present directly in the browser to now include Microsoft Office documents.

When you add a Word, PowerPoint presentations, or Excel (beta) file to your meeting, we now convert it to a web-ready format that document presenters can easily show on any computer or device. PDF and images work great too.

A quick note: Most documents look wonderful in this web view (see the video below), but Excel can sometimes get funky. Please send us a note if you run into any issues here so we can continue to improve support for Excel.

Also, as a fun bonus, to get your files into the meeting, you can now simply drag them from your desktop and drop them in.

The same technology that makes it easy to present these documents during your meeting also makes it possible to read documents online before and after meetings. You can preview document content from the meeting agenda, the meeting record, and even directly from search results.

This short video shows the new presentation features in action.

So what else is new?

In addition to the ability to upload & share powerpoint presentations and documents, we focused these past months on improving performance and security, which is really important but doesn't make for a great demo.

You may notice some of these other improvements from our changelog.

Case 2502: Show RSVP info within meeting
Not sure if someone you invited is coming to the meeting? Now facilitators can click on the name of people in the attendee list marked "Absent" to see their RSVP status. If they RSVP'd yes but haven't appeared, you'll now know it's ok to send them a reminder! 

Case 2737: Magic link: confirm logins to reduce duplicates
Each invitation to a Lucid Meeting is unique to the person invited, making it easy to know exactly who you have at your meeting. Sometimes, though, people accidentally forward their personal link to someone else, which can cause confusion. This release includes features that help people trying to use someone else's invitation to identify themselves correctly to the meeting facilitators. 

Case 2738: Update sign in page, password help feature and email
When you're trying to join a meeting, the last thing you want to worry about is trying to remember your password. Lucid Meetings invitations are designed to safely and securely give everyone one-click access to meetings, but sometimes when people can't find their invitation, they'll land on the login page and start to panic. 

To help make this easier, we've updated the login page to directly include the password help button. Just enter your email address and we'll send you a link that will connect you to your meetings right away. 

Case 3017: Indent content/notes in printable meeting record
The formatting for exported meeting agendas and records now includes clearer indentation, making it easier to see which information belongs with each agenda item.

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