The 4 Meeting Agendas that Drive Strategic Execution (Plus Guidebooks for Each)

August 18, 2017 at 10:21 AM by Elise Keith in leadership & facilitation, strategy

When we started Lucid Meetings, it wasn’t because we were all excited about meetings. It was because meetings are the most powerful tool, but also the most neglected, underdeveloped, and misapplied tool, we can use to create a healthy business.

The meetings aren’t the goal. It’s the well-run business that we're after.

Recently we’ve been exploring the science and theory behind what makes meetings successful. You can read all about the core function of meetings, the underlying structures that make them work, and the science behind effective decision making in meetings on our blog.

Today, we’re putting all that into practice. This post covers the core meetings that drive effective business management.


Topics: leadership & facilitation, strategy